"The Land Behind ", a short study of the hinterland of South Africa in the Northern and Western Cape.

How I would love the opportunity to explore and study these hidden and seemingly undisturbed parts of South Africa in more detail,  without the constraints of time. These were all captured during some road trips in 2015 when we were back home for a family holiday.  The photography that I captured on these trips out of Cape Town itself, has been in my minds for some time now, and I really wanted to take full advantage of the time I had in these special places. That it was winter at the time of our visit, was in many ways the perfect backdrop for the usual summer time that the Cape is famous for. The mute grey skies in some of the photographs enhancing elements of the scene, undistracted with a blue shy.  For many years I have loved photography I have come across on Flickr from the American West and South West,  and have thought how very similar to the hinterland of South Africa, yet quite different too. As they say in amazing Thailand "Same same, but different".  It felt so inspirational being in my homeland, camera in hand - free to observe & capture, a documentary of what fell before my lens frame by frame.