My “Exploring the Automobile” series of photographs is part of an ongoing and long standing project which I have been compiling and refining for many years now.

In essence it is my paying homage to the celebration of shape and form that is the automobile by documenting it “As Is”, situated in its natural urban habitat and which is in it an integral part of our modern landscape. 

There is a certain fascination which I hold with observing vintage and retro cars, the simple yet dignified presence commanded by a solitary parked vintage car, standing as it has through the test of time, a historical link to our collective human experience. Some appear scrappy and well worn, whilst others are clearly a labour of love for the owner.

In photographing these automobiles, I try to impart a sense of personality to them, so they can be viewed not just as an inanimate object, but a true survivor of the throw away and disposable society we reside in.

Simply put, it’s about documenting the automobile in its social and historical context, and not just pictures of cars. 

Please visit the album on my Wil Wardle Flickr Photo Stream dedicated to Exploring the Automobile, for more examples of my work.

All work displayed here and on my photo stream is available to purchase and license for commercial use can be arranged, please contact me for more information via the "Profile" section.

© 2015 by Wil Wardle.