Wil Wardle Photography on Ipernity

So its like this, at this time of writing I have 197 images posted on Ipernity, and counting.

I started using Ipernity as a way to separate my distinct personal photographic styles, as I felt that I needed a place to focus my photography of people, incorporating but not limited too my street style photography and also a few portrait style projects that I am currently working on. 

This is quite different from the urban and auto themed projects that are predominately displayed on my Flickr stream. Whilst having been on Flickr for many years, and having built up a solid base of followers and of people I follow in turn, and whose photography I really admire, starting afresh on Ipernity has been slow, but I am getting there.

The selection of my photography that I have curated on here, are all photographs that I am proud of and pleased with the crafting of, and which span a period of the past 4 years or so.

They generally tell some sort of a story or display an essence of emotion or personality of the subject. Some are street scenes, however the theme running through all the photographs is "People", whether they be family, friends or strangers I have met and engaged with on some sort of personal level. 

I hope you will feel some of my passion and my personal pride in the work which I have hand selected to display here. I will continue to post on here from my catalogue as time goes by.

Please do me the huge honour of clicking on  the link embedded into the image below, and be taken directly to my Ipernity page - feedback and comments most welcome.

Passing of Strangers

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream

The fourth image from my Birmingham at night series. This photograph was taken at the Christmas Market (which had just closed) and I thought to myself to plant my camera and tripod amongst the throng of strangers, and shoot the following scene which I had in my minds eye. I like the slightly surreal, almost science fiction feel to the resulting photograph. 

Wilfred - Bio (Organic) Shop Keeper in Morgental (Zurich)

Latest photography posted on my Ipernity Photo Stream

Another portrait of Wilfred (an old family friend) outside his Bio (Organic) Shop in Morgental, Zurich. Forming part of my environmental portrait series.


Retro Styling

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream

Continuing my current motorcycle theme. This time of a retro Japanese motorcycle from the late seventies, early eighties. I think it may be a Kawasaki. This photograph was taken in Eastbourne last summer.

Pint of Sussex Heritage Please

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream

Photograph of a vintage motorcycle that I captured outside my local pub The Victoria Hotel last summer. You will of course forgive me for not knowing the make and model of the motorcycle, I should have paid closer attention here. Photographing motorcycles is not normally my thing, however on occasion they present themselves to my lens and it's a case of it would be rude not to photograph them. I am in the process of posting a few motorcycle shots that I have been saving up (you may have noticed the preceeding Vespa shots on my flickr stream), so please stay tuned for more over the next few days.

Wheeling Around

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream

The third image from my Birmingham series. This was taken outside the Birmingham City Library. I don't normally go for to much in the way of altering colour in my post processing, however on this occasion a little experimenting created this almost cold purple tone which I feel compliments the misty atmosphere, and I have ended up with this almost Science Fiction feel which compliments the previous post in my Birmingham City Centre series.

Neil - Keep on Trucking

Latest photography posted on my Ipernity Photo Stream

Photograph of Neil wearing the Unicorn Cap outside the Yellowave beach volleyball complex on Brighton Seafront. Part of an ongoing project and more about it on my website here:  
The Unicorn Project - Keep on Trucking 

An American Abroad

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream

Another continuation in my Americans Abroad photographic series, this time of a Cadillac which I photographed up in the mountains outside of Zurich. I liked the timeless feel of the car against the snowy backdrop of the railway tracks, and how the American car contrasts against the  Swiss style architecture which creates a kind of unease as you realise there is something quite surreal about the scene.