Save the Lollipop Man Appeal

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Photograph I took a while ago (3 years ago), blurb as follows from when it was taken:

"Parents with children at the Stafford County Junior, and Roseland’s Infant School are currently running an appeal to raise £3000 to retain the services of David the lollipop man, whose funding has not been renewed. The reason for this is apparently that the busy road St Phillips Ave that he mediates for parents and children crossing, apparently does not warrant a dedicated crossing guard. However a number of us are extremely concerned that by David not being there at the busy school open and close times, and the heavy volume traffic at this time, will lead to a serious accident. As a result the Stafford PTFA is running an appeal to raise the £3000 per annum required to pay David a part time salary." 

He is still there 3 years later :)