Recent Commission for Eastbourne's Phoenix Choir

A selection of my photographs from a recent commission for the Eastbourne based "Phoenix Choir" of their performance of J.S. Bach "Passion of St Matthew" which was performed here in Eastbourne a couple of weeks ago at Church of England "All Saints" . What a wonderful and magical experience to be a part of. I was challenged in parts of the church by very poor lighting in areas and had to work hard to capture the soloists who were predominantly in this poor area of light and had to really push my skills and equipment to the edge, however this all paid off in the end in the results that I managed to obtain.

Receiving the following comment from my client was lovely  "Many thanks for the pics - they really convey the atmosphere on the night which I think is great and almost palpable."

Link to the review of their performance on the Eastbourne Herald newspaper website featuring one of my photographs.