How about a cup of shut the ....

Latest photography posted on my Flickr & Ipernity Photo Streams

Photographs of Stuart Williams immaculately restored Reliant Scimitar and also a portrait of Stuart himself. Stuart and Keith Parrington from XJ Restorations spent a considerable amount of time and energy restoring this car to its current state, and I think the results speak for themselves.  This car looks stunning and sounds like a beast, perfect waking up the neighbors on a Sunday morning and the surrounding countryside for that matter!. 

Pretty in Black

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream

This photo was taken about 2 years ago at Keith Parrington  XJ Restorations workshop here in Eastbourne.  I think I fell a little in love with this tidy looking XJ that Keith and his team had just finished restoring. No glitz, no glamour here, just refined elegant retro style. Please note I have a page dedicated on my website to Keith and his restoration business here.