Max Bill's Pavilion Sculpture

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The granite "Pavilion Sculpture" by Max Bill is a key work by the concrete artist from Zurich. It has stood on the Bahnhofstrasse since 1983.

The Swiss artist Max Bill created his walk-in Pavilion Sculpture in 1983. The granite sculpture is based in a top location on the corner of the 
Bahnhofstrasse / Pelikanstrasse. With its clear lines, the “Pavilion Sculpture” counters the hustle and bustle of the Bahnhofstrasse and 
brings peace, order and relaxation to the area.

Max Bill made a name for himself as an artist, architect, painter, graphic designer and sculptor. His success ensured that he became a focal point 
of the Swiss art scene in the 1930s. He devoted himself to concrete art, which aims to translate abstract ideas into concrete objects

(Text taken from Zuerich.Com)