Wheeling Around

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream

The third image from my Birmingham series. This was taken outside the Birmingham City Library. I don't normally go for to much in the way of altering colour in my post processing, however on this occasion a little experimenting created this almost cold purple tone which I feel compliments the misty atmosphere, and I have ended up with this almost Science Fiction feel which compliments the previous post in my Birmingham City Centre series.

Just Passing Through

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream

Here is the second image from my Birmingham City centre series. This was me planting my camera and tripod in the middle of the path and shooting. I was drawn by the atmosphere, the contrast of the wooden Christmas market huts, the architecture of the war memorial and library in the back ground. It was only when I got home to process did I fully realise that the big Ferris behind the War Memorial appeared like a large moon or planet rising on the horizon, creating this surreal Sci-Fi feeling to the shot.  I am very pleased with how this image has worked out. Also needs to be noted that this image is number 2000 on my Flickr stream. 

Lest we forget

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream

First in a series I will posting that was taken back in November last year in Birmingham. I was up there for a company day conference the following day, and took the opportunity the night before to take myself for a wander with my camera and tripod. I was struck by the sense of atmosphere generated by the heavy mist and fog. There are a few styles and points of interest going on here in this image, with the war memorial on the left, hazy images of people walking slowly through the expose on the right, the ultra modern building with its steel cladding top right, and a real vibrant mix of  ambient light and colour from blue, to red to warm yellow and the bluish white of the Ferris wheel in the background.  Hope you all like the photo as much as I do.