Night Train

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Night shot with light trails from a passing Southern Rail train taken down at St Leonard's at the end of last year. For me the main draw is the urban industrial nature of the building on the left, with the street lamps running up the center of the shot, of course the timing of the light trail created by the passing train is a major positive for me creating some additional atmosphere and the all important sense of dynamic movement , the coastal aspect of the sea to the right and the rising moon in a cloudy sky - finishing touches.  As you may realize I am reasonably pleased with this photo. There is one element that annoys me, but I wont share just yet what this is. As always there is something that says to me "must try harder", and just not quite the perfect composition it could be in my eyes. 

Senlack Jack RX1066

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Third in my Hastings Fishing beach series. This time of the twin hulled fishing boat Senlack Jack designated as RX1066 (the ultimate reg for 1066 Country ...). Again I am drawn to how the huge light out of shot has lit the scene, creating this almost surreal day/night scene creating crisp and vivid colours. There is just a hint of movement from the weeds to the left of shot, and the rear of the vessel lining up perfectly on the horizon pleases my eye. Everything appears ship shape, and the boat ready and waiting for its next trip to sea. I have to admit that I feel a strong kinship with the boats and littered paraphernalia on this beach, as my Moms father was from a small fishing village called Bamf on the East Coast of Scotland, and somewhere deep in the genes is an inherited memory of pushing out into a cold sea to fish and provide for the family and wider community. 


Second of my series from Hastings. This time a closer inspection of the fishing boat designated RX403 and its immediate surrounds. I love all the assorted paraphernalia that surrounds the boat from the bulldozer used to launch, nets; new and old, ropes, ice boxes, chains and the list goes on. As a night photographer, I was drawn to the huge sodium light and liked the clean clear light it threw over this scene, enhancing and popping all the various colors into a nice crisp tones, offset and somehow enhanced by the fading natural day light. 

Up for the Night

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Continuing on my night photography theme, however this time in Hastings on the working fishing beach, where the Hastings fleet resides when not out on the water.  This is first in a series I took last October on a photographic outing with local photography friends Mark Huntley and Paul Manser.

End of Life

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream

Taken down on the Hastings Fishing beach October 2014. The beach itself is still a working commercial fishing operation base for the Hasting Fishing Fleet. I photographed this van before in 2013 when it still appeared to be in daily use on the beach, and in some ways this was the inspiration behind my Work Horse series. It now appears that the van has come to the end of its useful life and has been put to rest, no doubt to be ingloriously scrapped. So here it is again, captured for posterity in all its banal glory.