California Dreaming

California Dreaming

Last in my current series of Americans Abroad. This time of an old beautifully restored 1950's Red Chevrolet Pick Up (or bakkie as we call them in South Africa). This was taken last summer in St Leonard's down a back street I decided to explore, very happy to have found this. 

Keith from XJ Restorations Ltd

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Keith owner at XJ Restorations with the Classic Spares race ready XJ. Photograph taken on Beachy head last summer as part of a series of photographs I took for Keith of the XJ. I believe Keith has now sold this car. Classic Spares is an offshoot of of XJ Restorations. In this photograph there is a little detail of the the cyclist coming up the hill the the left which I really like. 

Pony Express

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Another installment in my "Americans Abroad" series (more here on flickr). This time of a 1968 Ford Mustang Fast Back (As driven by Steve McQueen in Bullit). I spotted  this outside the Kwik Fit in Eastbourne, the owner was having something done to his tyres. He was quite happy for me to photograph his car which had just arrived from Texas and was on its first outing. He even let me take a portrait of him which I will post another time.

Essentially European

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Taken in Sóller on the Island of Mallorca. On a day trip to the town (I have posted previously from this excursion) it was particularly pleasing to be greeted by a convoy of vintage French Citroen's that were pulling through town, which formed part of an organised rally that then proceeded to stop off in the town square in front of the church. It all felt very quaint and very European to me at that moment, and as if we had stepped back in the past to a simpler time and place. 

End of Life

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Taken down on the Hastings Fishing beach October 2014. The beach itself is still a working commercial fishing operation base for the Hasting Fishing Fleet. I photographed this van before in 2013 when it still appeared to be in daily use on the beach, and in some ways this was the inspiration behind my Work Horse series. It now appears that the van has come to the end of its useful life and has been put to rest, no doubt to be ingloriously scrapped. So here it is again, captured for posterity in all its banal glory. 

Puff the Magic Dragon

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This photograph was taken Palma de Mallorca last year. I had noticed this van parked in various locations around the apartment we were staying in, and was eager to photograph it, however the backdrop was never quite right or there were other cars parked to close as parking is a premium in the old town ( as I am sure you can imagine). So imagine my surprise and delight when I came across it towards the end of the holiday parked down a backstreet, up against this lovely old building, with gorgeous diffused late afternoon light bouncing off the sandstone walls. Cherry on top is the Mercedes reflected in the paintwork, don't know why, but I like this, maybe something about the fine heritage and tradition of these two iconic German car manufacturers. 

Cherry Picker

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This photo is another addition to my Work Horse series of photographs, more details on my website. This example is an ex BT cherry picker Bedford van, taken on the farm belonging to friends parents, the ironic thing here is they are apple and cherry farmers in Kent. 

One day I wish to have this kind of time (Sic OTT)

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This was taken in the mountains above Rapperwil in the Canton of Zurich. We were visiting my sister-inlaw ex husband, and he took us on a walk. I was fascinated by the assortment of odds and ends by the side of the road,  and in particular by the old short wheel base Land Rover which appeared to have been turned into a cart of sorts.  The title for this photograph is taken from a track by the same from musician OTT on his "Mir" album (well worth a listen in my opinion).

An American Abroad

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Another continuation in my Americans Abroad photographic series, this time of a Cadillac which I photographed up in the mountains outside of Zurich. I liked the timeless feel of the car against the snowy backdrop of the railway tracks, and how the American car contrasts against the  Swiss style architecture which creates a kind of unease as you realise there is something quite surreal about the scene.

Always in Vogue

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A rare square format photo in my photostream (thank you Instagram for showing me the way here. I am ever so in love with this style of Mercedes, and maybe it has something to do with childhood, and these being the epitome of success and affluence, not that affluence is necessarily something that drives me. However, there is something about Mercedes Benz from the 1970’s and 1980’s that really still appeals, and in my opinion these are still good looking cars, and love when opportunity presents them to my lens. 

View from the bridge in a manner of speaking

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Photograph taken at Eastbourne's annual Magnificent Motor Show, which is held on the Western Lawns on the seafront. Unfortunately I am unaware of the make of car. I am sure it is of an early vintage though, 1920's by my reckoning. 

Dream Team

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Photograph of the front grill of a 1970's Chevrolet Chevelle SS and in the back ground a Ford Mustang 350GT by Shelby. Some fine example of old school American muscle car. This photo was taken last year at Magnificent Motors held on the Western Lawns on the Eastbourne Seafront.

Long Fin

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Photograph of the tail fins of a 1960's pink Eldorado Cadillac that I took in Palma de Mallorca. Normally I would try to photograph the car as a whole, however as it was in a crowded car park, I thought to try and capture some of the more interesting details, and combine this with some really shallow depth of field. I met the owners as I finished up, and it it turns out they were from Vienna in Austria. Really great to see these old American land yachts out and about.

Its a Beige Bay thing

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Photograph of a Type 2 VW Combi Camper Van which I photographed in Brighton last year. I have a soft spot for these types of vans, as my wife and I drove a similar one around Australia in the late nineties which we affectionately called Nellie the Ellie as she was yellow and reminded us somewhat of an elephant. I was drawn to the composition here, as I liked the angle of the van, as well as how the colour seemed to match with the house behind, which I thought is was very co-ordinated on the owners behalf. 

Base Build

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Photograph of an old short wheel base Land Rover, which I captured in Eastbourne last spring. I was out and about looking for subject matter to test my new Sigma 35mm prime lens, when this swung into view. Was quite pleased with how the composition came together from a shape and form perspective, with the small squarish balconies leading off the squarish looking Land Rover, #boxybutnice ;) 

Out to pasture

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Photograph of an old Range Rover Coupe and it looks like the owners cant quite bring themselves to be rid of it as it occupies a prime location in the front of their property in Brighton. I was drawn to the car, and how its square retro shape seemed to fit nicely within the context of the composition with all the square and rectangle shapes of the building. There is also the nice splash of pink flower nestled in the green weeds and grass, contrasting nicely with the yellow of the Range Rover and the white of the building against a blue late afternoon summer sky.

Corner Piece

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Photograph taken in Brighton of an old retro Range Rover headlamp. I liked how the late afternoon sunlight was hitting the front of the car and I was also interested in the business premises behind and thought that this combination made an interesting composition.