California Dreaming

California Dreaming

Last in my current series of Americans Abroad. This time of an old beautifully restored 1950's Red Chevrolet Pick Up (or bakkie as we call them in South Africa). This was taken last summer in St Leonard's down a back street I decided to explore, very happy to have found this. 

Night Bug

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Taken last Easter in Palma de Mallorca. I was out exploring the old town  for some night photography street scenes, when I cam across this immaculately kept beetle parked up in a small square. As you can tell by closer inspection, this is a rather tasty looking bug, especially when you look at the size of its tyre's. Body work was in perfect condition. In  this composition, I really like how the rounded shapes of the Beetle blend into the square and rectangle shapes of the buildings just out of focus in the back ground. 

Out to pasture

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream.

Photograph of an old Range Rover Coupe and it looks like the owners cant quite bring themselves to be rid of it as it occupies a prime location in the front of their property in Brighton. I was drawn to the car, and how its square retro shape seemed to fit nicely within the context of the composition with all the square and rectangle shapes of the building. There is also the nice splash of pink flower nestled in the green weeds and grass, contrasting nicely with the yellow of the Range Rover and the white of the building against a blue late afternoon summer sky.