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Latest photography posted on my Flickr & Ipernity Photo Streams

Photographs of Stuart Williams immaculately restored Reliant Scimitar and also a portrait of Stuart himself. Stuart and Keith Parrington from XJ Restorations spent a considerable amount of time and energy restoring this car to its current state, and I think the results speak for themselves.  This car looks stunning and sounds like a beast, perfect waking up the neighbors on a Sunday morning and the surrounding countryside for that matter!. 

The Swedes are here

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream

Photograph of a lovely Daimler Coupe, again taken at the XJ Restoration workshop. The bright Yellow of the car and the blue of the sea containers made for an interesting contrast in shape and form, with obvious overtures to Ikea. Please note I have a page dedicated on my website to Keith and his restoration business here.