Just Passing Through

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream

Here is the second image from my Birmingham City centre series. This was me planting my camera and tripod in the middle of the path and shooting. I was drawn by the atmosphere, the contrast of the wooden Christmas market huts, the architecture of the war memorial and library in the back ground. It was only when I got home to process did I fully realise that the big Ferris behind the War Memorial appeared like a large moon or planet rising on the horizon, creating this surreal Sci-Fi feeling to the shot.  I am very pleased with how this image has worked out. Also needs to be noted that this image is number 2000 on my Flickr stream. 

Always in Vogue

Latest photography posted on my Flickr Photo Stream

A rare square format photo in my photostream (thank you Instagram for showing me the way here. I am ever so in love with this style of Mercedes, and maybe it has something to do with childhood, and these being the epitome of success and affluence, not that affluence is necessarily something that drives me. However, there is something about Mercedes Benz from the 1970’s and 1980’s that really still appeals, and in my opinion these are still good looking cars, and love when opportunity presents them to my lens. 

Mad Dogs and Englishman go out in the midday sun

Latest photography posted on my Ipernity Photo Stream

This was taken in Palma de Mallorca last year. It was the middle of the day and baking hot. I was taken by the open space of the square, the medieval architecture and cafe culture, the couple strolling across the square and the group of students who were cunningly making best use of the shade thrown by the tall palm trees.