Work in Progress - Website Update Ahead

So, its been two years since I launched my new website on Square Space, and its time to do a little weeding and pruning - the mantra "Less is More" will be guiding me through this process. First thing to have been updated is my profile statement.

Thank you to Mrs Wardle and my daughter Indya for proof reading, editing and making some valid suggested changes - transcript below:

Photography for me is about collecting pictures you love. It’s an art form I hope to continue as long as I am able too. My online Flickr and Instagram galleries show an evolution of my photography as my taste and style have changed and I have explored many incredible places around the world.

I would describe my style of photography as being simply observational and opportunistic; always ready to explore the use of space within photography, and allowing the image space to be. 

Photography forces me into the moment where I can’t be distracted and really can’t think about anything else - a single minded purpose settles over and I step into my zone. As I capture life and all its mixed emotions, the feelings and natural moments come together to create timeless and elegant memories. These individual things combine to add personality and character to my work.

Practising the art of photography resonates with me on a highly personal level that just feels instinctual as it allows me to observe, engage and document. It also allows me to pursue the many different scenes and pictures I have both inspiration and admiration for.

I have always had a curiosity for people and their stories; I have also always had the ability to strike up a conversation with people meaning I can uncover those stories. I enjoy investing time & energy into getting to know people in order to capture the person’s story in a beautiful everlasting portrait.

I have both a love for black & white and colour equally for different reasons. B&W strips down the image to its core base components and colour as it amplifies the beauty of our colourful and expressive world.

With camera in hand, the world begins to slow down, and I become at one with the scene. After 25 years people have truly accepted my presence as a photographer and great trust is built between us as a result.

Photography just feels right to me – and I would love to share with you what inspires me.