Self Study

Latest photography posted on my Ipernity Photo Stream

So, here I am continuing with the self portrait theme. This was just an off the cuff idea that I liked and wanted to begin exploring without getting to technical on the get go. Someone mentioned on my Ipernity post of this image, that they thought the composition was to central, and I agreed with them to a point. However ...  sometimes I think we get too caught up in the technical aspect, and forget to just let the idea flow and see what happens  (and don't get me wrong, I am all up for getting something "just right" technically too). Someone else then backed up my viewpoint, so really its all subjective in the end and dependent on the eyes of the beholder. Someone else then  also commented as follows, and this really tickled my fancy (or should I say my ego); " Remarkable; you seem so  "intimate" there, in your "space" and yet far away too.