Self Study

Latest photography posted on my Ipernity Photo Stream

So here it is, something different for me, and a slight role reversal too, normally behind the lens, now for a change in front of it.  A self portrait , a study of myself. A way to understand my place in the environment of now, the future , the past. All blending and melding into one. This scene was taken at my sister in'law Caroline's house in Zurich. I loved the clean lines of the bedroom and the warm lighting, as well the arrangement of minimal objects in the room, in particular the tailors dummie and that wonderful lamp framing my head. The placement of the suitcase on the bed suggesting impermanence and a sense of transience, and my looking out the window a suggestion of travel and movement to places new.  I took a number of photographs in Caroline's house when we were there , and I love the house for its quirky nature and her very personal sense of taste and style.