Business Trip to Brussels

A selection of photos from a recent business trip to Brussels. Usually I don't get out much when travelling abroad for work beyond the office I am visiting, the hotel I am staying at and usually a dinner in a nice restaurant with colleagues in the evening. The photo snaps I do take (as I always do) I mostly post on my "Instagram Story" feed

On this occasion though I had the opportunity to travel into central Brussels early evening first night I was there (it was that or sit in a hotel room).

Was also feeling a little inspired after looking through Indy's photos from her recent trip to NYC and sought to make the most of the opportunity afforded to me.

Recent Commission for Eastbourne's Phoenix Choir

A selection of my photographs from a recent commission for the Eastbourne based "Phoenix Choir" of their performance of J.S. Bach "Passion of St Matthew" which was performed here in Eastbourne a couple of weeks ago at Church of England "All Saints" . What a wonderful and magical experience to be a part of. I was challenged in parts of the church by very poor lighting in areas and had to work hard to capture the soloists who were predominantly in this poor area of light and had to really push my skills and equipment to the edge, however this all paid off in the end in the results that I managed to obtain.

Receiving the following comment from my client was lovely  "Many thanks for the pics - they really convey the atmosphere on the night which I think is great and almost palpable."

Link to the review of their performance on the Eastbourne Herald newspaper website featuring one of my photographs.


A passage to India

Last year on Instagram, I posted a series of photographs from a seminal time in my life when my wife and I travelled through India in 2000. 

Posting these images on Instagram was an opportunity to examine with a critical eye 16 years later, some of my early photography, and served to remind me how much passion I had back then for photography and the opportunities it presented me as a young traveller. It has reinforced a desire to return and travel places like this again, with what I know now. It has served as reminder, that these portraits were captured in a free and easy time of my life and shows that it is important to be be in the moment and go with flow - which was how we were back then, before children and a corporate job took hold of life and the path changed direction. 

I have to say, that Sara was a legend when we travelled, putting up with me disappearing or lagging behind to capture a photograph! 

All were photographed on my 35mm film Nikon N4004 using a combination of two lens I had at the time: a 35-70mm and a 70-200mm lens. At the time I was mainly using colour print, but there are some slide and B&W in the mix. As I was travelling at the time and didn't want have prints made (to save on weight) , towards the end of the trip in India I produced contact sheets at a photo lab in New Delhi, and I remember the proprietor when I went to collect them, asking if I was on assignment for National Geographic - that comment made my day I tell you!

Unfortunately at the time I scanned these around 2002/2003 I really didn't know much about digital photography, or Photoshop or scanning really - so they were all scanned at quite a low quality - we live and learn. Another job in the future to re scan all of these so I could make a book  - hours of work to achieve  that!

I will also post at some point a series of images from Laos and Thailand from the same trip.


Work in Progress - Website Update Ahead

So, its been two years since I launched my new website on Square Space, and its time to do a little weeding and pruning - the mantra "Less is More" will be guiding me through this process. First thing to have been updated is my profile statement.

Thank you to Mrs Wardle and my daughter Indya for proof reading, editing and making some valid suggested changes - transcript below:

Photography for me is about collecting pictures you love. It’s an art form I hope to continue as long as I am able too. My online Flickr and Instagram galleries show an evolution of my photography as my taste and style have changed and I have explored many incredible places around the world.

I would describe my style of photography as being simply observational and opportunistic; always ready to explore the use of space within photography, and allowing the image space to be. 

Photography forces me into the moment where I can’t be distracted and really can’t think about anything else - a single minded purpose settles over and I step into my zone. As I capture life and all its mixed emotions, the feelings and natural moments come together to create timeless and elegant memories. These individual things combine to add personality and character to my work.

Practising the art of photography resonates with me on a highly personal level that just feels instinctual as it allows me to observe, engage and document. It also allows me to pursue the many different scenes and pictures I have both inspiration and admiration for.

I have always had a curiosity for people and their stories; I have also always had the ability to strike up a conversation with people meaning I can uncover those stories. I enjoy investing time & energy into getting to know people in order to capture the person’s story in a beautiful everlasting portrait.

I have both a love for black & white and colour equally for different reasons. B&W strips down the image to its core base components and colour as it amplifies the beauty of our colourful and expressive world.

With camera in hand, the world begins to slow down, and I become at one with the scene. After 25 years people have truly accepted my presence as a photographer and great trust is built between us as a result.

Photography just feels right to me – and I would love to share with you what inspires me.

Streets of London

Took my camera to work today, and captured these photographs on the walk to London Bridge this evening on the way home from the office. First time in almost month I have done any photography and it felt so right.

Had some very interesting experiences this evening. Met a street poet called Joseph Marinus whom I bought a poem off in exchange for a portrait. Got questioned by security at London Bridge as I had been clocked on CCTV taking photographs and wanted to know what I was up too, good to know they are on it, but if I was doing covert surveillance I wouldn't have been so overt... Not  the first time I have been challenged as a photographer in a public place. However through this experience I got chatting to a young chap called Ryan who was curious about the security incident and we got talking about about photography, he then graciously agreed to allow me to take his portrait. This is what I love about street photography, you can have these really meaningful exchanges with strangers by being open and honest and a little curious and by showing some respect to them. We all have a story to share in this life we live.